Saturday, March 29, 2008

A work in progress

This is the first print of my Roadside Distractions series (see my blog for more info). Each piece of this collage is 5"x7", and the dimensions of the whole thing are 20"x28". The pieces will be stitched together onto a backing sheet of Weston paper.

I had no idea the cyanotypes would turn pink when I soaked them in varnish, but I like it.

I was originally planning on collaging hand written text on blocks of paper onto the image (again, see my blog for samples), but now I'm starting to think it's not necessary. Thoughts?


adam c said...

this looks real nice. I definitely wouldn't jam text into it. Don't over-complicate or over-intellectualize. It is a nice piece--leave it!

And, the split-tone is very effective.

dan soul crusher said...

i love it...keep it

BritniB. said...

I think it is plenty strong without text.

zallen said...

I like the the way the ends of the prints curl up on this one compared to the stitched one. Maybe you could stich just the tops of them so the prints would be more free to move around and curl

Camden Hardy said...

I agree, the curling is pretty cool. I thought about that long and hard yesterday, and I decided there are just too many logistical issues with allowing the corners to curl.

I had horrid visions of pieces getting caught on something and ripping off, and since I'm storing the collages stacked in a box they'll flatten out over time anyway.