Sunday, February 28, 2010

Goya at the Museum of the Rockies

Goya at the museum of the Rockies!!! I was amazed not to have heard about this till this weekend.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

fictional situations

Sorry for taking over the blog...You can have it back. After you let me know what you think? I'm not sure that any of these are finished yet....

Created experiences

Also, these are 16 by 20ish printouts. And sorry, the photos of these things aren't the greatest... The photographs I've painted on are snapshots, but the painted pieces are staged scenarios that the participant didn't participate in. Got it? I like the contrast between those two things.

Making myths.

Here's some stuff I've been making lately. Making marks on inkjet photos with paint, colored pencil, graphite, collage etc. I think I'll add some embroidery and maybe some beading some time. And more collage. With more materials. I've been thinking about how these images transform a "real" occurance into a myth/narrative/different environment. And create characters out of these people...


Hey ya. Again. Any of you know of forthcoming events? That calendar I set up last semester has been running on empty for awhile....I'd like to use it. Help me! Send your event to august cary at gmail dot com and I will add it. Art show? Photo show? Workshop? Perfect. I guess I'll start with the senior show... On another note, I heard that the museum of the rockies has a Francisco de Goya show. Check it. It'll blow your mind.

Personal Vision

Yes the poster below is a call for submissions. the posters are around the VCB. Its 5$ person photograph to be dropped off up by dans office march 10th 11th and 12th ready to hang. There will be some pretty awsome prizes given so everyone should submit!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Msu photogra....what?

Hey ya. Here's yet another bit of illustration for you. See that guy on there? He has personal vision, as you can see. I photographed it with the scanner. Watercolor and pen and blue colored pencil on watercolor paper. Booyah!


Just wanted to share a random light test that I did today while working on the new video for A Rocket to the Moon. This is the bassist Eric Halvorsen in my friend Carlos' living room. It's completely random from everything else I photographed today, and my favorite by far.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Peer Meet and Teach

This Monday will be another meeting in the conference room in the VCB. This is a time set up for us the students to meet one another, especially from different class and just talk about photo or whatever is on your mind. It will start at 6 and go till 8 or whenever. If you have any questions please contact me through either phone or email or this blog. If anyone cant make it and has another time that would work better please let me know. We have also thought about Friday nights. Hope to see you all there.


Here is a great color chart that I have used. It also defines some terms that are in the raw dialogue box that you might not know what they do.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Kelly Gorham receives top photography award at regional competition

Congrats to Kelly for receiving a grand gold in photography from a competition of colleges and universities in the Pacific Northwest and Western Canada. Checkout the article and the images!

Website Bio

I am working on a website with Jon Long and I just wanted to show my bio page to people for suggestions and for a proofread.
"Nick Weber was born and raised in Missoula Montana to loving parents. As a young adult, Nick discovered skateboarding, and soon after that, photography. These are the two most important aspects to his life, giving him a strong sense of creativity and freedom."
Let me know if what you think. The site will feature skate/fine art photos. Thanks, Nick

International Street Food Bazaar

Here's a photo essay shot by Jackson Harris of the International Street Food Bazaar. ...more

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Photographing Science

In my role as a university photographer I often get to witness some fascinating science. It's not what people think of when they imagine the glamourous side of photography, but the subject matter has become some of my favorite in my career. It's kind of like getting to watch Discovery Channel all day and get paid for it. More...

Monday, February 22, 2010

Jace! check out this guy

a few of his images reminded me of your senior idea...he doesnt have any real cohesive series but some of the images invoke in me the same thing i interpret your project as trying to invoke...

SFP Peer Meet and Teach

This will be the first meeting of the SFP Peer Meet and Teach tonight at 6-8 pm. This will be a chance for all that are interested to come and meet you peers in all class and simply talk photography. If you have stuff you want critiqued, bring it in. If you have any questions about a process, lets talk. This is for you the students, Freshman to Seniors. If you have any questions please call me at 406-579-4859 or simply show up. We will be meeting in the conference room and will happen every other monday night. Hope to see you all there.

Thomas Joshua Cooper at MOR

Absolutely not to be missed THOMAS JOSHUA COOPER Montana State University School of Art Presents an Evening Lecture with the Artist Monday 22 February 2010, 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM, Museum of the Rockies Admission is Free Working solely with an 1898 Agfa field camera, Thomas Joshua Cooper has established himself as one of the foremost photographers of our time and was the recipient of the 2009 Guggenheim Fellowship. He photographs only outdoors, but his pictures are far from nature “shots”: they are images he makes, or finds, each unique, with each site captured in a single exposure, and then rendered as a selenium-toned silver gelatin print.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Postcard Collective - looking for artists

It's been 3 years, but I'm finally doing something about this postcard idea. More information here.
I'm looking for contributors, so if you're interested let me know. And please, help me spread the word!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

couple more cell pics

cell phone pics

I just got a new phone, and found these old pictures that were on my old one

Friday, February 19, 2010

This image is too funny not to share. Sorry guys.



Photo Checkout now has available a set of Cybersyncs for the AlienBees. This permits you to wirelessly discharge the Alienbees, free of the relentless tether of sync cords! Checkout has one CST transmitter, which connects to the camera, and one CSRB, which connects to one AlienBee light. Both units will have to be checked out to be of any use. The CST can sit in your camera's flash shoe, and connects by a short cord to the camera's PC socket, so you might need to do some creative peripheral management if your camera lacks a PC socket, and you try to use a hot shoe adapter and CST at the same time. The CSRB is powered by 2 AA batteries, which are currently in the unit, but it may be advisable to have a spare set of batteries on hand, since the operational life of the batteries is as yet undetermined.

The Cybersyncs are available at checkout now, so feel free to make use of them!

YAAAAY!!! Photo day at the boiling river!

Helena Anyone?

As some of you may know I am having a solo show at the Holter Museum with an opening reception March 12th. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in doing a car pool caravan type thing down there to attend. We would all meet at a place and time and drive together. This I hope will get more people to come and save gas. Also you all would be more then welcome to stay at my mother's house that night (bring maybe a sleeping pad and bag). I would love the support and so I am posting to see numbers of people interested in coming.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Because I'm truly narcissistic

Hello everyone! I am asking that everyone I have modeled for, no matter how small, please send me a low res. JPEG (1000px) of at least one of the best images, or one of each of the images so I can have a collection. I know there are quite a few of you going all the way back to 260 (Chels that's you). I would love to see them all together and create a sort of scrapbook. If you all could take a few minutes to do this I would be very happy. Also I really want the band photos from lighting class whoever has those of Child Friendly Playground.
Send them to my EMAIL.
Thank you,

This is what sulphuric acid does to negatives

These are just test images to experiment with the effect. On the one with the mannequin, the acid was applied to the emulsion side. On the one with the model, it was applied to the film side.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Need A Website?

I thought I would throw this out there again in case

If you are in need of a portfolio website, a new portfolio website, or just wanting to know more about how the whole website thing works and what your options are, feel free to email me or give me a call.

My email is and my phone is 610.937.2316

I offer the complete package, from start to finish.

This includes: domain name and very good hosting (with plenty of space and bandwidth), consultation for determining the logo, look, design, and layout of the actual website, proper XHTML and CSS syntax, all of which will be built around SlideShowPro. Also includes the customization of SlideShowPro to match the color scheme of the design for seamless and NON generic integration (customization to prevent it from looking like everyone elses flash gallery, including custom thumbnail navigation system), as well as server configuration, SSP Director installation (SSP Director is a server side backend image management tool, and its literally easier to use than Flickr), and other custom pages (such as Bio, interactive contact page, and whatever else you might want). And finally, this of course includes a crash course on how to manage the website and manage your images, which is SUPER EASY. -- $300.00 -- and only after you are happy with everything. Please note that domain name and hosting fees reoccur annually, and those costs will be $70.00 a year.

I am also willing to work with you in case you are just interested in one part of this process, whether its logo design, website design, SSP Director installation, SlideShowPro integration, or something else. -- Price negotiable.

Some may prefer other forms of image viewers (whatever you want to call them) but the reason I like SlideShowPro is because it is highly customizable, works efficiently (it's not like those long loading ridiculous flash galleries) and most importantly, works with SSP Director which is an amazing tool that will allow anyone to manage all of their images, including organization with galleries, albums, names, automatic thumbnail generation, descriptions, password protecting certain albums, and ALOT more.

THANKS! - Tyler


I have my own blog now!

hurray! theres not much on it yet that you people havnt seen...but im working on it. become a follower!

YO AUGIE!!!!! For You Man!

Make sure this is sized at 300ppi and you use the template when you're creating the cards. It just ensures that everything will show up okay. You can add lines for everyone to write addresses on and a postage stamp area just like last semester. Hope this helps my friend.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

SPE room

I am going to SPE but dont have a place to stay as of yet. Does anybody have an extra bed/ floorspace in the hotel? OR is anybody going who would want to split the cost of a room with me?

Direction I am headed for senior

this is of course before the processes i am going to add but i just thought that i would see how you guys felt about the subject matter. I am going for that more antiquated snapshotty feel.

More Senior

Here are a few more... With expression I was working with the Liz Cohen dead pan, some smiles, and whatever she gave me! Like I said, I think I need to move away from the word 'pin-up' only because of the preconcieved idea of the subject, I'll work on a title for ya...

Leslie!! Look!!

Leslie, i was lookin around and for some reason, this guy's work reminds me of your project...I think that the visual representation of vernacular and colloquialness in this guy's work is well done and visually strong...just something to consider...
i really enjoy this photo. Taken at 1130pm the other night on a parking garage longboarding mission.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Senior Images

Hello all,
Just wanted to throw up some images from my last shoot for my Senior. Besides the obvious color difference, what look are you liking on the model, and is the lighting working for you? I went a little more dramatic ( not a lot, I know!). But let me know, thanks!

RYAN KIRK! Check out Jordan Manley

some great outdoor photography

Mr Toledano

This man (I think) has an amazing bunch of portraits. A little bit unsettling, surprising and sexy. In a peculiar way. A bit commercial. Check out A New Kind of Beauty. Attn: Jessica Reyna. CC: Everybody. And then there is this other guy who makes things (cameras even) named Tom Sachs. Try it, you'll like it...

Red, White, & Blue

Here's an image from my Americana / American Vernacular project I'm working on for senior.

Why iso is the new megapixel

ISO is the new megapixel

Don't Wait for the Phone to ring

On Steve McCurry blog

A window in Butte


k guys heres one last reminder, $ is due tomorrow right after senior. 75$ to MTA photo network. dont screw this up!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Flathead Dock

just something to look at

Wildlife Photography by Nick Brandt

integration of fine art photography and commercial photography has always been a talking point in discussions on art. this is one of the most amazing wildlife photography portfolios i know of and is definitely included in my definition of art...

Bummer for Bambi

Flathead lake is deadly in the winter and this deer found that out. Every Fall the lake is drained to support the spring thaw. This helps prevent flooding in the Flathead Valley. Since Kalispell and the rest of the lake experienced an extremely cold fall this last October with some major snow and ice the lake froze before it was drained closer to the shore. This doe must have gotten her foot stuck in the snow or fallen through the thin ice because come November when the lake went down my family discovered her in front of their cabin. This is what's left of the doe. Gradually more and more of the bones have been disappearing.

Flathead Lake Weekend

Chels and Hunter made the 5 hour drive to come up and see me this last weekend. We took lots of pictures and this was one of my faves.


Just a reminder that the envelope for the Senior Show money is at checkout. We need the money by this Tuesday if you are planning on being in the show!!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Epson 4800 for sale

A friend in Bozeman has an Epson 4800 printer for sale on Craigslist.  He is asking $850 and takes good care of his equipment.  If you are interested, contact him via the craigslist link and let him know you're a student in the program.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Matt Millers Show!

hey guys next weekend matts having some of his work in a show next weekend! heres the info! So my show is on feb 19th from 7-9pm in the Waller-Yoblonsky gallery. here are the directions. Bozeman, MT 1. Head south on N 10th Ave toward W Villard St 0.3 mi 2. Turn right at Huffine Ln/W Main St 0.6 mi 3. Turn left at S 19th Ave 1.1 mi 4. Turn right at W Lincoln St 0.7 mi Waller-Yablonsky Gallery/ Graduate art studios 2698-2998 W Lincoln St Bozeman, Mt 59718

Italy Show

Italy show is tomorrow night, 5-8, we are part of Art Walk so stop by for some food and drinks on your tour, hope to see you there!


These are a few images from my senior this semester. I changed my idea to bridge diptychs. I am using all kinda of bridges so if you know of a really great one let me know. These will be contact printed Platinum/Palladium. Each image is taken from the one side of the river/creek. I plan on composing each image to best accentuate the scene and not worry about lining the bridge up perfectly. they will then be lined up for the print, like how the first one is slightly off. please let me know what you think.