Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Was out taking some pictures today in Billings and when I was about to drive away from this area I noticed someone forgot their leg.


Here she is. I was thinking about using this picture instead...but I thought it might be inappropriate.

Friday, October 30, 2009

some images for book project

I am photographing a house inhabited by 4 college aged men. This will be a photographic series of what I discover. Any critique greatly appreciated.


logo Society for Photographic Education
Student Scholarship Opportunities
SPE National Conference
March 4 - 7, 2010
Philadelphia, PA The Philadelphia Marriott Downtown
The Freestyle Crystal Apple Award for Outstanding Achievement in Black and
White Photography Features:
  • $5,000 cash prize
  • One-year membership to SPE
  • 2010 national conference fee waiver
SPE Student Awards and the Jeannie Pearce Award Feature:
  • $500 travel stipend to attend the national conference in Philadelphia
  • One-year membership to SPE
  • 2010 national conference fee waiver
SPE's Student Scholarship applications are submitted online! SUBMISSION DEADLINE: SUNDAY NOVEMBER 1, 2009 @ 11:59 PM EST For complete application instructions and the link to upload application materials download the 2010 Scholarship Opportunities Call for Entries

To be fair to Dan

O.K. so to be fair to Dan, here is a less serious (and more in character) version of the earlier portrait, though somewhat darker in mood.

Shawn Records on the set of Where the Wild Things Are

Shawn Records son Max stars as Max in Where the Wild Things Are. Shawn is also a prominent member of our photo community helping run Critical Mass. Check out his photos from the movie set here.

Alexi Guarding the Neighborhood

photo © Ian van Coller. From Butte yesterday.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

So you think you like horizontals...

Despite what it looks like, there is no white line on the bottom. These droids are of no interest to us.

Poster Roughs

Here's some roughs I made this morning and last night. They are cropped a bit tighter, its funnier that way. What do you think? I tried to use a playful font too, and added some hand drawn stuff to the last one. It pops the "Senior Thesis" out even more. Ya'll got any big ideas? I was thinking about hand drawing one completely... love, Augie. I've gotten a bunch of names from seniors too, send me yours if you plan on showing. They need to go on the poster.

New Epson 7900!

If you've made a visit to DPL1 lately, you may have noticed a colossal new printer lurking in one of the corners. We've acquired a second Epson 7900 this semester with some EFAC funding, and it's all configured and ready to go. Currently, it's set up for Matte Black printing, with its counterpart in DPL2 configured for Photo Black work. This replaces one of the 7600s in DPL1, which recently broke down in a rather abrupt and not-easily-serviced fashion, a printer which has now been retired. The 7900 will print from roll media up to 24" wide, and is quite a bit faster than its predecessor. The printer's physical use is a bit different from the 7600 (i.e., loading roll paper), so if you have any questions, don't hesitate to consult photo checkout for a walk-through of how to use it.

The printer arrived in a very large box, which is currently up in the studio, near the garage door. Should you need some very large pieces of cardboard for some sort of Halloween purpose, feel free to haul them to your residence for whatever use you have in mind. Perhaps you could also put the cardboard to use creating lighting modifiers for various lighting and portraiture projects. The cardboard will be taken to the recycle bin early next week, so if you have any use for it, be sure to get it sooner than later!

Intern Needed for Denver Bryan's Office

Hey guys, as you know I'm graduating in December and it's off to Kalispell after the senior show to join the real world. So my supervisor for my Internship, Denver Bryan, needs a new intern. You can get class credits working on his website for him every semester that you help out. You would be working as an assistant which mainly involves posting and image work-up as well as some standard workflow. His business is called Denver Bryan / Images on the Wildside. He's a stock agent and photographer. Preferably he needs someone who is going to be around for a year or two with some Photoshop experience. The more experience the better. You pick your hours and I will be training whoever gets the job. Just leave a comment on the blog if you're interested.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Landscape Interrupted

Joe Cornett, who is curating this show, asked that I post this call to the blog. He encourages students to enter. If you're making images about the "landscape", it is probably worth your time and entry fee. Call for entries is here, (it is also posted on my office door). Below is the info from Flagstaff Cultural Partners' website:

Landscape Interrupted is a new photography exhibition focused on the influence, interaction and change that happens within the landscape when humans impact the natural world.

In contemporary times it is hard to consider nature as having it’s own entity. Humans have become part of the identity of the natural world and it’s becoming difficult to find a spaces in the wilderness that are untouched or unoccupied. Landscape photography has altered its focus away from utopian scenes and artists are using cameras to poignantly display the interaction between people and the landscape. Photographers are pin-pointing the changing landscape and as this natural change becomes accepted, absurdity becomes appealing and the spaces become occupied.

Untitled by Susan Lynn Smith

Juror: William Jenkins - Professor of Photography at Arizona State University. Former curator at the George East House International Museum of Photography and Film and responsible for the New Topographics Exhibition that changed the aesthetic and idea of what Landscape Photography is.

Landscape Interrupted is a Call for Entries exhibition open to all photographers working or living in the United States.

Deadline for submissions of artwork is November 20, 2009.

Photos of Historic Structures Contest

Historic Preservation Board seeks entries for photo contest The Gallatin County Historic Preservation Board (GCHPB) announces its Second Annual County Historic Preservation Photo Contest. Photographers are encouraged to share recent photos of historic structures and landmarks within Gallatin County. Cash prizes will be awarded for first, second and third place. The deadline for submitting photos is December 31, 2009. Winners will be announced and displayed during the 2010 GCHPB’s Antique Fair, held at the Fairgrounds in February 2010. Each photographer may submit two photos, accompanied by their name, address, phone # and email address. Photos must show an exterior view, contain information about the location of the building, and may either be in color or black and white. Photos may be submitted electronically to the County Commission office website or a hard copy (no larger than 8x10) can be mailed to: GCHPB PO Box 1064 Bozeman, MT 59771 Complete contest rules are at or you may call Dee Mullen at 406-586-8433 for more information.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Photographing smoke

Check out the work of this photographer, Mehmet Ozgur.

Here's my camera

Homemade cameras! It's kind of like a xerox machine. A 120 slide film xerox ghetto machine. I even put a tripod mount on the side. And here's a pretty cool picture it made.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Senior Poster

Ok after a successful shoot today here is the second installment with the Kate's images. I've gathered that most think the underwear is mostly out, but I have also included some less revealing shots as well that may work better than the underwear shots. I gave room on Kate's images so they are cropped right now, they can change. If Ian's images need to change they are full sized so they can only go down. Lets hear what you've got to say.

Slit scan Cam

Here it goes. These ones are with camera #3. The vertical banding still showed up, even though this one has a motor. Huh. I used black and white to figure the exposure, and the exposure is under. I'll post some pics of the camera soon. Any thoughts? I am having a hard time figuring out how the exposure should look. Perhaps somewhere between the two? Do you hate it?

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Which omelet pic for my book?

So far these 4 are my favorite of the zip lock bag omelets I made this weekend. This will be one of the recipes in my debate book.

More Produce Images

Here's a few of my newest produce images. The tomato is organic and so is the Apple. Both were grown either in my parents backyard or veggie garden. The Artichoke is probably conventionally grown.

Organic or Conventional?

Here is a page idea for my cookbook of information on the Debate. I'm not sure how to place the text and if the questions are even worded properly. I'm going to have some produce at the show both organic & "non" for people to snack on and maybe taste test for fun. I'm planning on incorporating my research paper in my book as an intro essay to the book. Also I am going to use an artist statement either on the inside of the cover flaps or maybe at the end of the book. I've been playing with the cover as well and have a mock cover I'll be showing in individual critique on Tuesday. After I get some more input from Alexis and Chris on that I'll come up with something "final" and post it to see what you guys think.

Senior from Butte

Shot these a few weeks ago in Butte. Which one of these should I use. Also, whats a good way to white balance. I have been using the Threshold layer to find my black and white points and then using a curves layer after that. Any other good methods?

Photo Assistant Job

I saw this on craigslist and thought students should be aware of it. Might be a decent way to earn some money and gain experience.

Project 4

This is the beginning into an exploration into cultural identity.  With the erasure of cultural information, what happens when individuality becomes typology?

Friday, October 23, 2009

Aborted Assignment Idea

Went out shooting to come up with an idea for an assignment. I didn't come up with anything but a couple of images. Back to the drawing board.

Senior Poster

Hey Guys and Gals. Here is the first installation of the Senior Thesis Poster. I still have our female model too shot on Sunday so there will be more to come hopefully, weather permitting. I do have a PG version, basically the same except in red boxers. Let me know what you think, Auggie is going to do the layouts so that is to come once we know what you think. Enjoy Edit: Ive added the PG version too.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Dan and I were photographing inside some pretty nasty (and beautiful) old buildings in Butte today. We stopped to make this portrait against the most gorgeous turquoise wall. This was with an 80mm f1.9 (on medium format).

Web Hosting and Websites!!

Hello everyone, I just wanted to post this and probably will post it again in a month but I wanted everyone to know that if they are thinking about getting a website, or getting hosting and making their own website, that I can get you 50 percent off for life with Sharkspace Hosting, a hosting company I have used for the past few years and have been wonderful. If you want more details let me know. Also, regarding websites, I can also design (pretty much anything graphics wise) websites with slideshowpro (tailored to your design), which is my all time favorite image viewer for photographers. If you would like more details about that, also let me know... is my email. Thanks! - Tyler

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Color fail

Hey web savvy people: what's the deal with the colors on this blog? I never really noticed until I saw the image of the girl's arm with hair comb on Adam's website vs. his blog post.
Is it just my browser? I run safari...I realize most use firefox.

Check it out!

Scroll down a few inches:

First Digital Montage

Bozeman Survey

These 2 images were taken of Bozeman Creek from the same bridge on Sourdough trail. The only difference is a slightly different angle of view and a 3 year time gap between the 2 photos. The top one was made in 2006 and the bottom was made this morning. Amazing to see how the flow of the river has changed, and that the tree with the swing no longer exists. The stump from the tree is now in the middle of the creek.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

dreams and stuff

so the vibe i got is that color is there something you dont like about them?

Get your work published on

On Saturday I got an image published on For all of the fine art photographers out there, (which is just about everyone enrolled) OneExposure is a major website that allows any photographer to submit images, but photos must pass a screening process before appearing on the site.

Just looking down the photo blog here, I see several images that would probably get published on the site.

When you have an image published, your photo will appear on the homepage for at least a little while. Most of photos I've seen on the homepage have received at least 1,000 unique views, which is really great exposure for your work. My image has received over 3,000 unique views and other photos I've seen on the homepage have received 8,000 or 9,000 views.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Redesigned site. New work. Take a look