Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Thompson replay

some critiques for megan thompson's picture.  test for maybe a new way of critiquing on the blog if anyone likes this method and would like me to critique one of their messages just ask me to do an instant replay style critique or something sounding like that. here megan hope this helps you


Megan E Thompson said...

Interesting critique, thanks for the feedback. But most of that would require rephotographing the whole image, and I don't have a red leather chair with rivets.
If I burn in his head don't you think he'd get too lost into the background? He was ashing into an egg shell, but I purposely didn't put a try out because it's so cluttered, I decided his character wouldn't care. Yep that's a filter.
Oh and the photo of Stu has a mustache like that haha!

zallen said...

Valid critique, but you are the only one to do something like that Keegan. I think its kind of degrading, so please don't draw on my images, haha