Monday, March 24, 2008

Aerial Photos

These are some images from my senior project. These are aerial photographs made with a D70. At first I was trying to capture these images in a more abstract and colorful manner, but so far I've only flown once and there are not many colors yet. I think my project may turn into something less abstract and more documenting the structures and infrastructures including dams, roadways, buildings, agricultural equipment, etc. and how we integrate these into the natural world. I am interested in land use of all kinds including building sites, farm land, mining, recreational use, as well as other types. These images still need some editing but any input, feedback, and ideas would be great. Thank You Patrick T. McManus

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Keegan Fields said...

these are coming out great! I'm enjoying the abstraction out of the ones with no color mainly because of you attention to manmade geometric figures in the landscape. nice work!