Tuesday, March 31, 2009

264 final

hey all, this is my first installment of my 264 fiNAL.  i am exploring simple imagery while severely distressing the negatives: cutting up and reassembling, scratching, and burning.  i found out microwaves  can't destroy negatives, but negatives destroy microwaves...go figure.  anyway, this is the first somewhat finished negative and it is a shit as scan but regardless you should let me know what you all think. thanx


Here are a couple of new images for my Senior. I know that some of you suggested that if I were to use my previous close-ups that I should probably get a couple more. I'm still photographing for the next couple of weeks so if you have any other advice let me know. Let me know what you think of the compositions and if I should go in even closer next time. Thanks all! Also I'm planning on going to Butte Thursday morning around 8 or 9 so if anyone wants to ride with me let me know. We can split gas so it's a super cheap trip, HOWEVER, if the weather is anything like it was on Sunday I'm going to stick around Bozeman. I have room for 3 people plus cameras.

Monday, March 30, 2009

AP woo hoo!

I was published in this month's Alternative Press in the Hometown Heroes section. I took the photo of Goodnight Caulfield from San Diego. This time AP even credited me correctly and didn't put an H in my name!

Some new images

Amanda brought it to my attention that I haven't posted any of my own work on this blog in a while. So here we go. These are some negatives I just had processed last week from a series I'm calling Surveys, inspired by Mark Klett's Phoenix Transect project.

more diptoramics

these are more of my diptoramics. im starting to head in this more ominous direction with a single object in upper image and a less discripetive foreground. let me know what you think and ill have more of this style up when i get my latest rolls scanned thanks.

Ripley's Believe it or Not!

Stolen photos from the Ripley's Believe it or Not museum on Hollywood Blvd.  Makes me want to run to the store and buy a water filter right away...:)

The Mythic West

Here is a must read article in the New York Times that may influence how we approach photographing where we live (the West) in the future.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Some Stuff From SPE

Here is some group photos from SPE. Some of the guys from the Expo set up some studio stuff at the dance and did free shots.

Develop film the awesome way.

Someone please try this.... How to Develop Film Using Coffee and Vitamin C! Srsly! Survival scenario #117: You’re trapped in a grocery store. Zombies are closing in from all sides. You have a crucial photo that could end the carnage, if only you had some way to develop the film. What do you do? You grab some instant coffee and vitamin C, you develop the film, and you vanquish the zombies. What, you don’t think we’re serious? First of all, zombies are an inevitable part of life. And secondly, you really can develop film using vitamin C and coffee. For reals. Read on, and we’ll show you everything you need to know. Quick, before the zombies regroup!


So these are some of the images for senior...I am posting more...tell me what you think.


Friday, March 27, 2009

(Somewhat) live coverage from SPE

Those of you that couldn't make it to SPE this year might want to head over to head over to Ian Aleksander Adams' blog. He and a few friends have been doing a fantastic job covering lectures as well as student portfolios.

Goodnight Sunrise

This is a composite I just finished for Goodnight Sunrise from Helena. I photographed the band in the desert outside of Palm Springs and the museum photo is from when I went to the Natural History museum with Dave Hill and Rian Flynn. I'm pretty stoked on how this came out. Not sure where the idea came from, but I'm guessing it came from not sleeping for the past two weeks and starting this at 3am. Let me know what you think!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Self Portraits?

Here is a rough example of what I want to do with my final for 264. It's a self portrait project, and although this one is of me, the final images will be of other people in my clothing. I will be shooting with film, but this particular image was made with a paper negative. Instead of a lens, I will be using a pinhole which I made myself. The exposure for this one was 20 min. and for the first 15 I moved my head back and forth while staring directly into the pinhole. Then I just stared straight for the last 5 min. I guess you could say I'm having an "identity crisis" (for lack of a better term) and I am interested in interpreting that identity. I would love to hear your thoughts. thanks

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I am Pabst

This is a shot i did for a Pabst Blue Ribbon Contest back in January. I thought i would put it up because it is a great photo of Ian and Turd

Senior Images "Windows"

So here are some more images for my Senior project this semester. I tried to do some different angles and some more close ups. Also let me know what you think of the night shots. None of these have been completely color corrected or dusted, so please ignore that fact :)

Facebook group for Bozeman photographers

An acquaintance of mine via Twitter has created a Facebook group for Bozeman photographers and designers and has asked me to spread the word. Go join this group. All the cool people are doing it.

Monday, March 23, 2009


New Site Launch!

Hey guys! I just launched my new site! I built it and customized it from bludomain.com. I suggest you check them out especially because of their affordability and available proofing galleries. It's also ridiculously easy to update as often as you need to, and they are really fast at relaunching. A great company.
I know music is usually a no no but I am a rock photographer, and it is easy to turn off. Check it out! www.meganthompsonphotography.com

Shipping off film this week

Anyone else need to ship some film off to get processed? Bring it to me in checkout before 4:30 today.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

and another

how are these working for you people?

The Osen Family

Here are just a few images from my second visit with this family this morning. The four living at home are all home schooled in a little "classroom" built by their dad (they have 3 older siblings living out of the house). The two adopted boys are biologically unrelated but both are from the Philippines, although different islands. Let me know what you think, y'all! :)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Senior Poster

Hey guys, Ive been tasked with coming up with the senior poster. Im currently taking ideas and this is one that was proposed to me. Let me know what you think, Im open ears. If you have other idea work ups let me know, ill put them to use.