Monday, March 24, 2008


A few more that will be used as well.


dan soul crusher said...

again, very very very nice....i like these two quite a bit...the texture in the snow on the top is fantastic, and the tree shot has a nearly graphic quality to it, yet still very question though, and i am not sure if this would be a good suggestion but should the trees second image be a bit darker in the upper thrid? should it fade into blackness? or is the detail important to you?

Chris Ebeling said...

I agree with dan here, my eye wants to see detail in the trees behind the skier on the third image. With the top image, i like the shot very much, but feel like the cropping of the backgroud, and the size of the skier in the frame, places more emphasis on the action and less on the context of the landscape. As opposed to the second and third images were it really is about the subject within the context of their environment.