Friday, March 7, 2008

Rock stuff

I drove to Missoula Thursday night to see Murder by Death and Maylene and the Sons of Disaster open for Clutch. On a whim I asked Murder by Death's super friend;y merch guy if he knew how I could get a press pass. He said he'd work on it and ten minutes later I had one in my hot little hands. Here's a couple of pictures that I've liked so far. I got to watch both bands from in front of the security barrier, and had my lenses sitting in front of me on the stage. Best seat in the house I think! Dalas Taylor of Maylene and the Sons of Disaster Murder by Death


Jackson said...

What kind of lighting?

Megan E Thompson said...

I didn't use a flash because I didn't want to piss off security or the bands. The top one is just with a spot from the balcony and the other stage lighting, with a super wide aperture, and the camera set for 1/30. The bottom one is f 2.8 for 1/50, with the same stage lighting.