Saturday, March 15, 2008


If anyone is interested tell me what you think. is it too blown out?


Keegan Fields said...

if it had more detail distraction could be formed. this gives the viewer the ability to run freely in their world of imagination. also, the way you have framed the image (much liked) causes my imagination to play out a horrendous blast that blows her hair back. i know thats not what the series is about but that is my honest no holding back opinion and visual analisys of the image. if you want further elaboration of my opinions, please, feel free to ask.

dan soul crusher said...

i thought that was you blasting, i nearly lit the keegan signal

Ian Roderer said...

Dan- I like the image, I would like to see it darker, just in case it works, but I agree with Keegan, and I think it would give it a drastically different feel from your other images if you were to darken it. I think it fits well as is, and I like where your series is going, they all work really well together.