Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Interstate Expanse

Here's a image that's part of my book project. I'm looking to do HDR/exposure masked landscape images. I appreciate any comments/feedback.


dan soul crusher said...

bay, i love where you are going with this project. have you considered black and white, those skies are going to look great in bandw

zallen said...

You should use color negative film. I think you would have got a better range than with the HDR in this image.

adam c said...

This is nice. As for HDR---serious landscape photography is done with a view camera. It's just a more appropriate/motivated choice.

Bayard said...


I might end up shooting some black and white images. . .or the project could end up being entirely black and white since the project is formally based (vastness). I could also end up sticking with color, however.


This image was actually not HDR, but just two exposures masked together to keep more detail in the clouds. The image you see now, (as of 03/06/2008) needs lightening in the foreground to capture the amount of detail I'm shooting for.

@Adam C

4x5 cameras are great. . and now that it's getting a bit warmer they would be nice. My budget limit is probably going to make me shoot digitally. If only the school had a digital medium format SLR--that would be the best of both worlds!