Monday, March 10, 2008


These are just some portraits that I've done for friends this semester. Andy and Jeremy, and the last two I took this weekend for my friend Annie for her portfolio for Elite Models in LA. Good times.


dan soul crusher said...

hey m i like do you light one of these portraits vs how you might light one of your band photos?

Megan E Thompson said...

The two guys were lit with a boom and a small sofbox, as well as two of the 4 foot sofboxes. One about three feet away and one about 6 feet away on very low power. Annie was lit with the same set up only the low power box was beside me and on higher settings. With bands I'm usually on location, so if I have a ceiling, I bounce my ringlight off of it. In the studio though, I'll use usually three or four strobes to get everyone lit, then I tweak everything depending on the style of the band to suit them.