Wednesday, February 11, 2009

these are a few more images that i took this last weekend in hylite with my pinhole. There is an obvious spot on the first image that was flashed when the film was not rolled tight when remove but my question is has anyone ever seen those red bands before. any input would help, it was developed at F-11. also let me know what you think of the images aside from the obvious red bands.


Bek said...

You don't have any kind of frame number windows, do you? My first time using 220 film, I didn't cover up the little red window and I got a giant red streak all the way through my film too.

If not I have no idea. Sorry dude.

As far as the images...they're nice, but I think your split image idea might work better with a straighter horizon line. That way you could really emphasize how they look like two separate places/images

Kelly said...

I really like the second image. I think strong lines like the pole and shadow work well it leads your eye through the whole photograph. Just something to think about since yo are splitting the image. I like them though good job.