Saturday, February 21, 2009


Here are a couple of images I photographed today for my 360 Advanced Color abstract project. I cropped these as squares to see how they would look and I really like them. Since these are going in a book, do you guys think all of my images should be the same size? I haven't tried any of the previous images as squares, but I think the whole concept might work better this way. What do you think?


pmcmanus said...

I think different sizes may help creatively display these images. If you were to make different sizes and place them in different areas of each page or maybe more than one per page it could be more interesting to view and may add something conceptually about abstract art.

Bek said...

There is almost some bokeh going on in the first should push that! I love it.

Also I think you should base the sizes on each image, don't try to make all of them into the same ratio. I know one image you've already shown would not be as interesting as a square..likewise I do like your top image as one.