Friday, February 6, 2009

Medium format cameras

I'm hoping to buy a medium format camera sometime this summer and was looking for recommendations and comments from people who use medium format cameras. I'm looking for a medium format camera that's:
  • $700 or less
  • Easy to operate
  • Prism viewfinder
  • Prefer operation to be similar to 35mm SLR's
  • recommended by photographers
Any camera suggestions are appreciated. I've looked into Noritas (hard to get), Pentax 645, and Mamiya 6 (expensive). Thanks!


Ian van Coller said...

Mamiya makes incredibly sharp lenses. I love my Mamiya 7 but they are spendy. Check ebay

Dan MacDonald said...

It's less like a smaller format SLR, but I absolutely love shooting with my hasselblad.

M. Thompson said...

Dave Hill has been shooting a lot with his Mamiya 6 on the past couple of shoots I've assisted and the results are absolutely stunning! I'd check eBay. I got my Hasselblad kit for $800 last year so you never know what you'll find.

Jackson said...

I picked up my Hasselblad for a lot cheaper then I thought I was going to and a bunch of extras with it. The price that most people are asking for are set off of each other so every now and then you can find someone who is basically giving one away, just depends on how long you want to wait for it. I looked or about a year when I stumbled on mine. Now I love it to death!

Chris E said...

I have fallen for the Mamiya RB67, which is definitely a different operation than 35mm slr (operates more like an abrams tank) but the big format and inexpensive sharp lenses are awesome. The Mamiya 7 is a better option for quicker operation but they are expensive!