Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Book Project

These are some images from my 360 book project. I am doing my project on color and texture, and taking all of my photographs on Rouse St. If you have any advice or comments it would be appreciated. Thanks


Bayard said...


Image #3 is my favorite so far. There are multiple paths leading my eye through the image. There is also a play of line and color variation.

Image #5 is also strong. The colors are much more saturated, so maybe get more of these to have a nice transition. This image looks like abstract expression painting and the colors mimic Germany's flag.

Ian Cavanaugh said...

the last one is really the most effective to me. it is really the only one where the true form of the subject escapes the images and allows the view to really focus on the lines, shapes and texture. the reflection also helps add by drawing the view in and forcing them to look deep within the image. nice work, but im a little concerned that you will be able to get enough images on just that one street. keep it up though.

Dan MacDonald said...

Nice detail shots. A good use of focus and color. Is there a reason for limiting yourself to the one street?

Kelly said...

I was trying to help myself make the project more cohesive since it is a book project. But now that I have taken some photos I feel that I can just focus on color and form to make the project cohesive.

MarieYC said...

Love the 2nd and last one so far :)
I like where you're taking the project but I really dont think you need to limit yourself to that street.