Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Student choice awards for Senior

What awards would people like to see for Senior? Some ideas. . .
  • Student choice award / vote among the senior class for the top 3 projects?
  • Faculty choice award
  • Audience choice award (voting at the show)
  • an award named after a famous contemporary photographer?
Let's get some creative names before the critique/show.


Bek said...

Bay, we're already on this and have everything figured out. Thanks for the offer to help, though! We'll let all the seniors and everyone else know what's going on the day of the final crit :)

Bek said...

P.S. we are doing those top three prizes, and a few fun others. Seniors will vote for their favorite project from our class during the final crit. Professors and audience will vote at the show.

Megan E Thompson said...

WOO! Thanks for keeping this alive guys. :)