Sunday, April 19, 2009

clouds vs Form or clouds+form?

Hello everyone, I am at a crossroads with this project. I have been imposing clouds over sections of the human body, and I have come to a point where as much as I love the pictures with the clouds I wonder if they detract instead of accentuates the beauty of the human form. Here are some of the pictures with clouds and some with just the human form. Which ones do you spend the most time looking at? Which are more effective in conveying simplistic beauty? I have started to feel that I am forcing the clouds into the pictures instead of allowing them to complement the forms. Am I forcing the clouds or is it that I’m second-guessing myself at the end of the semester?


Megan Dunbar said...

when you first described this project to me, it sounded like it was about the human form as a landscape, not the human form as the human form. i think that all of your images will look very surreal (which is really cool) no matter what kind of clouds you put with the form. it probably seems forced because you only have a limited number of cloud shots. i think you should stay with your original idea and really try to emphasize the form as a landscape and not a human form. the clouds are not distracting for me. i think they add to the surreal landscape you are creating with the human form. the top two work really well. but the bottom one does looks forced, i think it's the elbow that makes it look out of context and forced. i think you need to crop the body shots tighter so they look like a landscape. i know it's tough but you can do it.

Bek said...

I like the ones where you incorporate the body the "sand" blowing off of the woman's body. That said, of the images above without the clouds, the dark image of the female torso is -gorgeous-

The other straight-forward ones aren't nearly as intereting for me, though. So I would say overall the clouds add interest unless you start doing all of the forms like that dramatic female torso.

Great photos :) I like your idea quite a lot.

hunter said...

stay with the landscapes...they are surreal and dramatic and add a lot to the human form...and vice versa...looks great

Jdisney said...

Thanks everyone. Its good to hear what y'all think.

Nubia Garcia said...

I like the idea as well. I think your first image is the most succesful image for me. I don't mind the clouds, but maybe you could make it more body and less clouds, just like in the first one.
Great idea tho!