Sunday, April 26, 2009

Page Layout

Hey guys. Im putting the finishing touches on my senior and the final product is a 12x12 book and I want to know what you think of my layout. Each image is on a page with text and time, just imagine a spine in the center. What do you think of the font? Thanks


Bek said...

your font looks a bit rough to a really old typewriter. Is that what you're going for?

there's something weird about the placement of the chunk of text only on the left side. I wish there was a better solution!

totally <3 the project and the book format :)

Ian van Coller said...

I actually quite like this font. Certainly better than the last ones I looked at. Just be careful; looks like the AM is capitalized and the pm is lower case.

LeAnn Bennett said...

Jackson this is looking quite nice, I like the font it works well for me, but I want to see something done with the description.

A thought would be to have the text mirror itself in a way. I would split the description text between the two images, Move the right time to the left corner of that image. Then place the second half of the description under the right corner of the right image. I would also try the full justification so your description text is flush on both edges...this might help mimic your square form.

It all looking really good I can't wait to see it printed!

James Olson said...

I like the layout. Its simple and clean. The text and image don't bother me so it is working quite well together.
good work.

chelsea_ray said...

i think the font works really well, i also like the placement on the left hand side