Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Where's Mike?

Hey all, I thought I'd lay down an update on my whereabouts. Last winter I tried my hand at the glamorous life of shooting skiing and snowboarding. Teaming up with an awesome film company called Sweetgrass Productions, I headed to Hokkaido, Japan for a season of shooting, riding, and cultural experience. The experience was amazing, though catching good shots, creating an organized and search-able catalog, getting pictures bought, and finally getting buyers to cough up some cash was not easy.

I came away from the hours of freezing my a$$ off, cursing about missed focus, hiking up mountain sides and months of emailing with new knowledge about making it professionaly, and I'll be getting some payback to boot! Plus, its hard to beat slopeside zen hotsprings, all-night all-you-can-drink karaoke and last but not least, a healthy dose of some of the best pow I've ever skied.

Now I'm back home in the motherland: Salt Lake City, UT working the thriving film production scene and plotting my next photo venture.

You can check out the film project at the www.sweetgrass-productions.com See some of my shots on the Skiing Magazine homepage www.skinet.com/skiing

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