Monday, September 28, 2009

Important Building Access Announcement

Current students-

A Cat Card reader has been installed on one of the entrances to the VCB building: the upper-level entrance facing Grant street, near the main entrance to the Black Box Theater. Because of this, the building will now be "locked" on weekends and after 5 pm. Fear not, however, you should retain access to the building during the hours in which photo checkout is open. Should you arrive at the building and find your usual entrance securely locked, try using the Cat Card entrance to see if it yields passage to you. I am told that it should allow any current photo student to access the building, but my recommendation is that you test it, ideally on an evening or day which is not the evening or day before an assignment is due. During the week from 8 am to 5 pm may not be the best time to test your card's usability, since the doors will be unlocked regardless of the whether your card works or not, and you may get a "false positive" from the test. If your card doesn't give you access, see Colette in Film Checkout, who is our in-building contact for managing the implementation of this new lock system.

In summary, if you can't get into the building on Tuesday evening for Senior, or Saturday afternoon, try the Grant street entrance. Photo checkout is not changing the operating hours of checkout or the labs, but the times during which the exterior doors of the building will be locked and unlocked will be changing a bit.

- Charlie

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Jace said...

well it is about time. next item on the ballot should be upper level students access after hours. i understand for cleanliness, organizational convenience, as well as security purposes that the intermediate and beginner labs should be closed and chemistry disposed of. however, the advanced labs should be accessible to upper classmen all hours of the night. I understand that equipment theft is a huge issue but now is a chance for students to become more accountable, especially because there will be an electronic record of who is entering the building. This should be a serious consideration. the art students as well as architecture students have full access to their facilities. It is about time we do also. We are paying for the usage of the facilities, it is about time that we should be able to generate the full benefits from them.