Monday, September 21, 2009

Intro Color Scans

If you couldnt guess this was also taken in the context of time. The soft feeling of the water gives a dream like feeling. The dark stick jutting out to the center adds a focal point and helps draw your eye around the image.
This image was taken to engage the edges. The strong element along the edge pulls your eye up and the reflection pulls your eye back down. Also the contrast between red coke cup and the blue/grey reflection of the sky make your eye go to the cup.
This is an image showing the passing of time. Time as an idea rather than a quantity. The river erodes and the roots grow over time.
First blog post. These are my color scans from the first project. They were taken on the Gallagator Trail.


AMANDA GUY said...

The coke cup is still my fave image. The red really draws you into the image. Regardless of it being garbage it adds a lot to the overall image. I like the composition and the lines in the photograph. Again, garbage is a great subject, it tends to say a lot about our society and how a lot of people just generally don't give a shit about what their actions cause.

Jace said...

well thought out considering time constraints