Monday, September 14, 2009

SPE NW Student Photo Exhibition


Cam said...


AMANDA GUY said...

This is so cool, I'm totally doing this with my Windows project.

zallen said...

This is totally worth it! Ian forgot to post the entry form

The entry form looks like this:

SPE NW Entry Form

Mail this form and CD of images to:
Attn: Melinda Hurst Frye
Art Institute of Seattle
2323 Elliott Ave.
Seattle, WA 98121
Please put your entries on a CD/DVD using: jpeg, 72 dpi, and up to 8 inches on the longest side.
Label each image with your name and the corresponding number. CD’s will not be returned.
Check One: ______ High School _____ College
Name: ____________________________________
Year Born: ________________________________
Residing in: ________________________City _____________State
Phone Number: _______________________________
E-mail address: __________________________________________
#1, Title of piece_______________________________
Dimensions: ____________height x _______________width (use inches)
Medium: _________________________ (digital, color, gelatin silver print)