Monday, September 28, 2009

Website help!

Hi everyone! I need help! Does anyone have advice about how to get a nice website, that I can update myself for kinda cheap price? Also, has anyone used Rapidweaver software- reviews?


Bayard said...

VisualServer is much cheaper than most photography website services.

You could have someone design your site in Photoshop and then create a Wordpress template. After that, you'd be able to freely update the content and images yourself using the Wordpress platform.

Whatever route you go, try to avoid anything that is entirely flash based. LiveBooks and BluDomain are entirely flash, unfortunately.

Here's an old post with some links.

AMANDA GUY said...

I use visual server, there's a link to my site and Chris Anderson's on the blog. Check those out and see what you think. You can choose from 3 different versions.

merissalambert said...

Thanks guys I will look into it!