Friday, September 25, 2009

Exhibition Opportunity

Hey Everyone! Capelli's Salon called me looking for names of several photographers to display their work. It's a very cool venue and good opportunity to sell some pieces. If you are interested in showing there call them ASAP at 586-1332 or stop by the salon at 1401 Gold Ave (down the street from the food bank).
On a different note, I'm heading out to photograph an abandoned zoo on Belle Isle. If I am not eaten by the feral dogs that are reported to be wandering the area, I will update my blog with photographs from Cranbrook for you guys to check out.


Marta Madden said...

That number is wrong I think. I call it and the woman was very confused. FYI

BrittanyNelson said...

Whoops. 586-1322

Jace said...

thanx kiddo. i'll call it