Wednesday, September 16, 2009

just the beginning

for my first senior semester i am continuing my work with my Dipt-O-Ramic camera. these are some of the first images form this semester. any input would be greatly appreciated. thanks


Bek said...

Is there more to the project than cutting out the horizon line? Or is that still the main concept?

I like the colors in the top two...did you switch film for those? They are severely different from the bottom ones, and the ones from last semester.

Tyler McManus said...

The second and last image work the best for me. The first photo because of the contrast in form from top to bottom. The last photo works due to the symmetry and formality in the way you photographed the subject. The shapes work nice together.

LeAnn Bennett said...

Ian I'm with Bek I love the color balanced images in the first two sets. I'm also curious how you are going to push this diptych style and explore it more. I want to see something more than just omitted horizon line, are you sticking to landscapes or are you going to branch out with your subject matter?