Monday, October 15, 2007

New Project

This is an "installation view" of a 1/4 scale mock-up from a new project I'm working on (hanging in checkout for those interested). The full size prints were originally going to be 32"x40", but due to financial constraints I may shrink them down to 24"x30". We'll see. The series is kind of an exploration of written communication and its dominance in our culture. I'm intrigued by the idea that the act of reading text about an event or scene becomes more important than the experience itself. Each print will contain excerpts of journal entries written while taking the photographs within the white rectangles. The statement's still fairly abstract, but that's the basic idea. Here are a few more images from the series. Thoughts?


Kelly Gorham said...


I like this idea. I also like that you've created photos that really seem to need a caption. I'm excited to see some more.


M. Thompson said...

I really love the tones in the actual print in checkout. I was going to ask you about the white spaces, but you've answered that here obviously. I think it's a great start to a longterm project, nice work!

markpaulson said...

i like where this is going, but wonder if you even need the white boxes. as of now i find them distracting, but adding the text will most likely change that. i do see a need for text (as kelly stated), but wonder if there is a more appealing way of displaying the words that works with the image instead of these boxes.