Friday, October 26, 2007

Clean the studio

I came in Friday morning to find the photo studio looking like a tornado hit it. Please clean up after yourself. This includes everyone using the studio; 264, 342, seniors. 342 students. Gather your outdoor objects, wood, etc and take it home or return it outside. -Studio stands and light stands go agains the wall between the cyc and cabinets in an orderly manner. -Tabletops go against the wall far wall on the north side of the cabinets. - Chairs and tables go against the north wall. -Large sheets of corregated plastic fit behind the south side of the cyc. -White reflectors, mirrors go behind the west edge of cyc. -softboxes should hang from the hooks on rails or lay on top of the cabinets. -The small rolls of background paper are the personal property of Dan Wise. Please return them to their boxes and place them to the left of the front door or your ability to borrow them will be revoked.

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