Saturday, October 13, 2007

8x10 transparencies

I finally got them developed! I still have a couple of technical issues that I need to work out. But I think I found the beginnings of long term project. What do you guys think?


zallen said...

What is up with the colors on the top one? I will have to repost it later.

Ian van Coller said...

Very interesting portraits. I like them. I am a little unsure about how the images are connected though, especially the one of Claire. Why is she standing in that space? She looks a little unsure about that too. Very cool space though.

How about visiting the same crossing guard over the course of the school year.

Hmmm, wonder where that posterization came from?

Are those the alien bees I see in the glasses. You might think about bouncing when you are in such a confined space.

Are you trying to correct for keystoning?

zallen said...

Like I said technical issues need to be worked out. I thought I fixed the glare in the mask by tilting it up, but I wasn't looking from camera POV to actually see there was still a glare. And the keystone wasn't corrected because that lens did not cover enough to do any movements. I am fixing this by using the other 8x10 camera and a better lens. I think all of these portraits were awkward and that's why they seem to go together, but it is something I want to fix in the future. Thanks for the comments!

Camden Hardy said...

Those look really nice. The quality of light on the shot of Claire is fantastic.

I can't wait to see more.

Kelly Gorham said...


I like these. I don't know if it's a worthy thought or not, but what about placing your subjects a bit more in the foreground? I kind of feel like they compete with their environment...that may be a good thing though.
A though on lighting in the bathroom photo: A space like that is almost characterised by the terrible flourescent light. Let it become part of the image. Maybe try it without any supplemental lighting. Also, shoot it with no color correction so you get the ugly yellow color, then shoot it by correcting. You can use a 30cc magenta filter to correct most flourescents and mercury vapors.