Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Life of American Vagobonds

Ran across some images by and unknown photographer, so I spent some time digging around and found his website. His name is Mike Brodie but, he goes by the name The Polaroid Kidd. He has achieved his well know status at the age of 21. I'm really drawn to his images for how unique they are. He captures an interesting group of people and lifestyle unknown to me. The colors are great and images well composed, I wish that I had he time to just follow a group of people around and document their lives so. When I first saw the first few images I thought that it was a Vogue shoot. The way he shoots his images draws my attention to the clothes as much as the people.


zallen said...

I hope you checked out the "Homeless" show at the Emerson. It has similar feel to these images. But I like these "Vagabond" images more.

adam c said...

Some of these people seem kind of suspect/fraudulent. Nikes and pure-bred dogs? It seems cosmetic and disingenuous in some cases.

adam c said...

homeless hipsterdom--that's what I get from them