Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Advanced portraiture workshop

November 12th. 7:00pm. Photo Studio. Juniors and seniors. Kelly has graciously volunteered to offer a lighting workshop for those of you who have already hit your junior level credit limit and can't take his studio class. The workshop will cover portraiture lighting techniques beyond the basic key/fill that was taught in previous studio classes here. Show up if you can, bring snacks to share...potluck type thing.


Kelly Gorham said...

I should add this will be focused on the lighting aspects. We'll talk about the different light modifiers and learn some different combo techniques like beauty lighting, rim light, silk and fill, etc.

Workshops like this are best when interactive so bring lots of questions. I'll be happy to work on anything anyone wants to know about as long as we have the equipment. We won't do ring lighting or kino-flo since we don't have those devices.


Kelly Gorham said...

Sorry everyone, but we'll have to postpone this workshop for now. My schedule is overbooked and I need to wait until I have more hours in the day.