Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Website Bio

I am working on a website with Jon Long and I just wanted to show my bio page to people for suggestions and for a proofread.
"Nick Weber was born and raised in Missoula Montana to loving parents. As a young adult, Nick discovered skateboarding, and soon after that, photography. These are the two most important aspects to his life, giving him a strong sense of creativity and freedom."
Let me know if what you think. The site will feature skate/fine art photos. Thanks, Nick


Jace said...

i would say "of his life" not "to his life" and i would eliminate the "to loving parents" part. replace it with something like "but has lived in Bozeman for _ years" or "and is currently pursuing a degree in photography at MOntana State University in Bozeman" other than that nice

Nick Weber said...

haha yeah this is definitely a rough draft

Elizabeth Wilmerding said...

You need a comma between Missoula and Montana... I agree with what Jace said too but otherwise looks good!

Kelly Gorham said...

Eliminate everything not directly related to photography. This is one of the biggest mistakes of photographer bios if you ask editors and art directors.

Keep it really simple, it's not a life story or a list of your interests.

Where did you study photography?
What are your current notable photography projects?
Photography clients or positions as a staff photographer?
Have you been published?
What can you offer prospective clients or publications?
Describe your photography style.

Kelly Gorham said...

As I'm re-reading it, your bio reads more like an obituary. Don't mean to be harsh but try to get the focus off your family and interests and strictly back to photography.

August Cary said...

You should include the exact number of photographs you have taken in your life.

Bek said...

hahah, auggie. nick, I agree you should remove it, but I would just like you to know that I found the parents part extremely endearing. :P