Wednesday, February 24, 2010

International Street Food Bazaar

Here's a photo essay shot by Jackson Harris of the International Street Food Bazaar. ...more


Cam said...

Nice update with the School Site.. i really like these sideshows. in the past, events seemed to go unpublished at least outside of the newspaper. its nice to see images from happenings around the campus.. Keep it it.

Bek said...

Hey Jackson/ you also write the captions? I was loving the random bonus info in Jackson's slideshow. :D

jackson said...

Will do Cam. Im working a photo essay about a new flyfishing club that was just started. Keep you eyes open for it towards the end of the semester.

Bek, I did wrote the captions too. Its be a bit of learning curve getting everyones names and details right with so much going on.

Thanks for the mention Kelly.