Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Need A Website?

I thought I would throw this out there again in case

If you are in need of a portfolio website, a new portfolio website, or just wanting to know more about how the whole website thing works and what your options are, feel free to email me or give me a call.

My email is and my phone is 610.937.2316

I offer the complete package, from start to finish.

This includes: domain name and very good hosting (with plenty of space and bandwidth), consultation for determining the logo, look, design, and layout of the actual website, proper XHTML and CSS syntax, all of which will be built around SlideShowPro. Also includes the customization of SlideShowPro to match the color scheme of the design for seamless and NON generic integration (customization to prevent it from looking like everyone elses flash gallery, including custom thumbnail navigation system), as well as server configuration, SSP Director installation (SSP Director is a server side backend image management tool, and its literally easier to use than Flickr), and other custom pages (such as Bio, interactive contact page, and whatever else you might want). And finally, this of course includes a crash course on how to manage the website and manage your images, which is SUPER EASY. -- $300.00 -- and only after you are happy with everything. Please note that domain name and hosting fees reoccur annually, and those costs will be $70.00 a year.

I am also willing to work with you in case you are just interested in one part of this process, whether its logo design, website design, SSP Director installation, SlideShowPro integration, or something else. -- Price negotiable.

Some may prefer other forms of image viewers (whatever you want to call them) but the reason I like SlideShowPro is because it is highly customizable, works efficiently (it's not like those long loading ridiculous flash galleries) and most importantly, works with SSP Director which is an amazing tool that will allow anyone to manage all of their images, including organization with galleries, albums, names, automatic thumbnail generation, descriptions, password protecting certain albums, and ALOT more.

THANKS! - Tyler


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