Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Macbook for sale!

My coworker, Kaitlyn, is selling her macbook! She discovered she needs a pc for her major. She bought the mac a year and a half ago and has never had any problems with it, so if you need a mac and don't want to fork over the money for a brand new one, please email her!
Kaitlyn's email address:
Remember, macs are required for photo kids! :)


hunter said...

how much would she like for it?

Jace said...

5 dollar opening bid

Bek said...

Haha, probably more than $5..sorry!

She didn't give me a set price so I think she's pretty open to offers! Hit up her email! :D

Bek said...

Alright I asked her so that any passers-by to this blog post can get an idea of the price range before emailing her. She is hoping for something like $850. Or $800!