Sunday, November 8, 2009

Western Bridgers

These are a few shots from my internship with the Northern Rockies Trust for Public Land. This cattle-ranching land is in the process of being preserved for public use. Harry Armstrong, the owner of the 400 acre ranch, is setting aside a portion of his property for conservation and public recreation.


AMANDA GUY said...

I enjoy the last couple of images. The lighting is really nice. I like how the people are offset in the image and you can both of them, the space between is nice. The first image is a little soft and the first portrait of the man is a bit dark. Maybe mess with the curves or levels a little bit in that one, otherwise it's a really nice portrait.

Cam said...

i would try to invest in a flash if you are goin to be photographing in such low light situations.. i love the landscape tho. nice composition