Wednesday, November 18, 2009

SFP Network Meeting and Guest Lecture

School of Film and Photography meeting tonight in studio B at 6:00.

Followed by a guest lecture in the Procrastinator, given by alum and Bozeman native Brian Van't Hull at 7:00. Should be impressive. He has worked on The Nightmare Before Christmas, done visual effects on all the LOTR movies, Forrest Gump, I Robot, King Kong and last but not least, (Oscar winning effects on) Coraline.

If you are interested in film and visual effects, you should go and be enriched. And show support for the School of Film and Photography and Natural History Film Making. SFPNHFM. Whoa.

Sorry for being such short notice...I'm trying my hardest!

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stephanie said...

Good job getting the calendar to work Augie! And thanks for all the work on the posters and postcards, when all else fails, Augie saves the day!