Monday, November 30, 2009

260 Final

So these are a few shots from my 260 final. These are images from three of the four triptychs, for a general idea. I'm trying to explore feelings of entrapment and denial through the subconscious, and how a hypothetical person struggles with repression. Each set will cover a different part of the struggle...what do you guys think?


Tyler Miller said...
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Tyler Miller said...

So the image quality is good, but before I gave my critique I wanted to know if you are trying to portray a situation through the subconscious by showing metaphorical scenes of what is going on in her head, or if you are shooting real hypothetical situations (that are supposed to be reality) that parallel the subconscious feelings.

Basically, are these photos supposed to be going on inside her head or happening in real life?

Anonymous said...

They're definitely intended to be metaphorical. I wanted to take a more emotive approach to this, so the physical objects and actions in the photos are more significant on a symbolic rather than literal level.

Tyler Miller said...

Ok cool.

The images themselves are good. The blurred one is blurred perfectly. To get a better idea of your project though, I would need to see the other triptychs. I feel that this triptych needs to be with the others so that it can be interpreted the way you want it to be.

(this is only my opinion)...

For me, when I looked at it before reading your caption I wasn't sure if it was a literal struggle for life, or a creep doing things. Obviously if there were other triptychs around it I might be able to figure it out, but as it is by itself I don't interpret it as "feelings of entrapment and denial through the subconscious, and how a hypothetical person struggles with repression." It seems like she is struggling, but against another person who has her tied up. Kind of like Law and Order: SVU.

Maybe if the person behind her was dressed in all black and you setup the photo so you could only really see the hand, and not his body, it might be better, because in that photo it is clear she is under his control, but we dont know whether he is supposed to be a real person or a metaphor. For me, its not quite obvious enough that this is going on in her own brain.

The second image is does a good job because its only her, and so there is nothing blatant that could be responsible for her situation. But, the third one brings it back to reality. Maybe try to keep the reality out of it by making the other person less conspicuous or by making the photo more dreamy, like you did with the second one.

Good luck with the rest!

Looking forward to seeing the other triptychs. I like the idea.

Jdisney said...

Its a great flow, I agree with Tyler about the idea of dressing the man in all black in the third image. This will bring the viewer closer to the conclusion that this is a dream/ metaphor. I Love the blurred figure, it represents the struggle of self very well.
I was just wondering about the top one? have you thought of imposing a smaller image of yourself within the eyes fighting to get out?