Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Yo what up my ninjas. I just added a new feature to the trusty MSU Photo Blog. If you let your eye wander on over to the (almost) top right side panel, you will see a calendar. It is linked to the SFP Calendar. I have been trying to post on the regular (lately) about up and coming local events.

Keep and eye on this nifty new feature. Be a part of the community and support the people who will support you. It's important. You need this.

To view events, open the link in a new tab.

I want to post art openings, guest lectures, show deadlines. Anything about artists in Bozeman and MSU. And maybe even the surrounding area.

Also, if there are any events that you would like posted, email me at augustcary at gmail dot com. Or email Cam at cfosterphoto at gmail dot com.

love, Augie


AMANDA GUY said...

Awesome Augie, Don't forget the senior show and critique too :) The events look great.

jackson said...

Nice work Augie.

August Cary said...

When is the individual crit?

AMANDA GUY said...

It's Monday December 14th all day. I'm thinking it starts at 8:00 or 9:00 am, but they'll tell us that in class soon I think