Friday, November 20, 2009

260 Final

For my final I am working exclusively with out-of-focus shots that are just to express the simple aspects of a photograph, which include color and form. So, I've gotten out to shoot for it once and I got a few images I like so I'm just curious for feedback. Blurry enough? Am I heading in a good direction with them?


AMANDA GUY said...

I think it's the perfect amount of blur. I really really like the first image. That last one is pretty eye catching as well. The middle one has some potential but for some reason the big orange blobby in the middle kinda distracts me. I think you're def. headed in the right track though. Nice work.

August Cary said...

Most excellent! The colors are very nice. Nice work. Maybe think about cropping the first one to engage the vertical stripes with the edge. If you crop the second image with the orange off center it would have a bit more movement to it. I like the colors in the last one, but that orange block is a bit large I think. Too powerful. Keep it up.