Saturday, November 21, 2009

We Had An "Incident" Today

Today in the labs we had an incident. The least used dry mount press became disgruntled and attacked Augie. Augie is fine but the dry mount press may be less fortunate. We currently still deciding the final fate of the dry mount press, whether or not to try to relocate it to an uninhabited location in northern Canada or humanely put it down. Till then, BEWARE! This may happen to you! (dramatic reverb) This has been a public announcement brought to you by Checkout.


AMANDA GUY said...

HAHAHA, oh man! Yeah you gotta watch out for some of that stuff in the lab. The equipment can get pretty pissed off.

August Cary said...

Have no fear, Augie is still here. I sustained only minor injuries (loss of soul through camera) and am recovering. See you in class.

hunter said...

i would have put it in its place...put tha know?