Monday, November 23, 2009

Picture Black Friday

Shawn Records, from Photolucida, sent me an email this morning to pass on to students. He said "make your students do this". I won't force anything on you here, but I can think of several good reasons to submit to this. 1) gives you experience of being on assignment, plus a chance to write a caption if you are so inclined. 2) solid group of jurors looking at your work. 3) it is free to submit. One aspect to consider is how you can Picture Black Friday in a smaller populated area. I would imagine that Black Friday looks much different in Bellevue Idaho (calling on you Jackson) than it does in New Jersey. The jurors might find it refreshing to see work that isn't just about people fighting for merchandise in Walmart.


August Cary said...


jackson said...

Well the only problem is that Bellevue doesn't have any retail stores that would draw a Black Friday crowed. Im afraid I would have to go to Twin Falls to find that. Uhg, makes my skin crawl thinking about all the people! My Black Friday will be spent as far away from people as I can. Ill see if I can think of a submission about that.

Alexis Pike said...

Exactly my point Jackson. What is Black Friday like in a town that is 100 miles from a big box store? I think the caption will be key in describing how some communities just aren't part of that consumer ritual.