Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Here is my triptych for my 260 class. The concept behind it is to examine the varied details found in nature. Focused on color and line, these images are intended to draw the viewer into these unique forms and textures in nature that lose their impact when originally witnessed in person due to surrounding distractions.


Leslie McDaniel said...

I think this is so simple yet so beautiful. I like the single color of each image. Have you tried putting the last image in the middle? I just wonder what would look like since it's neutral.

Bek said...

Hey! This is a great triptych! Nice complimentary, subtle-yet-fresh-looking colors.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the feedback!

Yeah, I've tried moving the images around a bit and I found I liked how it is now, with the lines of the leaf and the rocks leading towards the middle, horizontal water.
If I used a vertical image of the rocks then maybe it could work in a different order.