Thursday, October 29, 2009

New Epson 7900!

If you've made a visit to DPL1 lately, you may have noticed a colossal new printer lurking in one of the corners. We've acquired a second Epson 7900 this semester with some EFAC funding, and it's all configured and ready to go. Currently, it's set up for Matte Black printing, with its counterpart in DPL2 configured for Photo Black work. This replaces one of the 7600s in DPL1, which recently broke down in a rather abrupt and not-easily-serviced fashion, a printer which has now been retired. The 7900 will print from roll media up to 24" wide, and is quite a bit faster than its predecessor. The printer's physical use is a bit different from the 7600 (i.e., loading roll paper), so if you have any questions, don't hesitate to consult photo checkout for a walk-through of how to use it.

The printer arrived in a very large box, which is currently up in the studio, near the garage door. Should you need some very large pieces of cardboard for some sort of Halloween purpose, feel free to haul them to your residence for whatever use you have in mind. Perhaps you could also put the cardboard to use creating lighting modifiers for various lighting and portraiture projects. The cardboard will be taken to the recycle bin early next week, so if you have any use for it, be sure to get it sooner than later!

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