Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hello Everyone

Hello all, despite the length of time I have been following this blog I just now got added so I could contribute to it. In case you don't know my name is Tyler Miller and I am a junior in the SFP. Right now I am studying abroad in Siena, Italy with Chris, Whitney, and Max, and pretty close to Josh who is studying abroad in another program in Firenze. Siena is awesome!!! Anyways I thought I should start posting some stuff. For now its just random crap but there is more to come that actually has to do with my final book project (hopefully). Thanks! Tyler


Jace said...

Hi Tyler! 2nd to last image with your feet. i likey

Bek said...

me too. but I like the last one as well.

Tyler McManus said...

I also like the last two images. More personal and not the same architecture that I see from everybody that goes to Europe. Architecture is also good but its nice to see something different. Hope all is going well.