Friday, September 12, 2008

Hey guys! I'm sure Ian's been talking about it too, but just wanted to remind everyone that Critical Mass registration begins next week. I can't stress enough how great this competition is! It's only $50 to try your luck and if you make it to the top 150 it's another $250 this year. But that gets your work into the hands of 200 important people. It gets your work out there more than any show does. It's expensive but at SPE I had strangers coming up to my table telling me that they saw my work in Critical Mass, and it made me great connections in LA. Ask Brittany about her experience too, because it did great things for her as well!

It's worth a shot guys, I expect to see all of you on the top 150 list next spring!


megan dunbar said...

Thanks for the heads up

zallen said...

check this weblog for updates. Looks like registration starts this Thrusday