Monday, September 29, 2008

The Sun newspaper

I was just contacted by Greg Lemon, editor of the Sun, and he mentioned a monthly photo contest they're going to run for those of you that are interesed (text below). Also they're talking about adding a photo intern starting in the spring so you may want to track him down to look into that opportunity. --------------------------- We’d also like to announce that this month we’ll be starting a “Photo of the Month” contest. We will take submissions for September photos through the end of the month. The winning photo will be published in the second issue of October. For subject matter, anything is possible. We know there are many talented photographers in southwest Montana, so we expect lots of submissions. You can either mail your photos to our office or email them to our editor, Greg Lemon, at


megan dunbar said...


Ian Cavanaugh said...

Do they have to be shot in montana or is it possible for us in italy to send some in

Kelly Gorham said...

I didn't get the impression they care where contest submissions are shot. It's also a good opportunity to practice writing captions in AP style. The Italy photos might have a good hook.