Thursday, April 17, 2008

Huge digital silver prints on the cheap

El-Co Color Labs ( offers an internet only special for massive digital prints. Check out the special here.

If you want large digital prints for your Senior project, this could be a good source. Very few digital printers offer silver-based digital prints at sizes as large as 30x60. Their prices are much better than large format inkjet prints.

Here's a sample of their prices. You have to order a minimum of 2 prints to get these prices.

Lustre or Glossy
20x30 $9.95
30x40 $19.90
30x48 $24.00
30x60 $30.00
Fuji Pearl Metalic Paper

20x30 $12.95

30x40 $25.90

30x48 $31.25

30x60 $38.95

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