Friday, April 16, 2010

What's your system for archiving images to avoid running out of space on your drives?

Seeing as we have lots of film shooters who are probably facing hard drive space issues on a regular basis, I wanted to see what system or workflow people are using to keep enough free drive space. I know some people will archive images older than x-amount of months on DVD and then not worry about them.

What's your system to always have enough free hard drive space?


Tyler Miller said...

i use an external hard drive and whatever is on my computer is what im working on at that time. when im not working on it, i move it to my external drive.

i have everything in a photography folder, and then from there i have folders containing images from all the shoots i do. i make folders for shoots or images that are from the same trip or are similar.

I use adobe lightroom to organize my images. I assign keywords on import and then i can make categories in lightroom, without moving images around or duplicating them.

I do not keep music on my computer because it takes up a lot of space, and I just listen to pandora anyway.

Bayard said...

have you had to move things off the external drive because it was almost full?

Tyler Miller said...

no. its 500gb. and i keep it clean. If there are junk photos I will never need or use, I delete them right away. BUT I will plan on getting a 2TB or two 1TB's so I can have a primary and secondary backup. Its just a matter of having a big enough external hard drive. If you use it JUST for photos you should not have a problem. Just keep it clean and organized.