Saturday, April 17, 2010

night portraits!

just a few practice shots for the final. im having some trouble keeping them from getting blurry b/c i have to shoot my flash off twice though..


Megan Dunbar said...

Your flash looks a little hot when you do it twice and there's no detail in your shadows. Are you going for an extremely dramatic portrait? What if you popped it on either side? That way if they do move, they will come together in the middle in a weird way. Then use your development to control your tones.

gillm said...

i am going for a very dramatic portrait and i dont want any detail in the blacks. these are the second group of photos i took and the first group came out too flat b/c the flash wasnt strong enough. i kind of want to keep the high contrast and just have the highlights take over one side of the subject and the blacks take over the other.

John Schlepp said...

You should invest in some high quality head clamps