Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Photo Checkout Workers Fall 2010


Photo checkout is taking applications for Fall 2010 photo checkout workers. To qualify, you must be an enrolled student taking 6 or more credits for the semester(s) in which you will be working. There are three options for working at photo checkout: you may work as a student worker, as a work study (for those of you who are awarded work-study from Financial Aid), or for credit (via MTA 333-- this can be a good way to build upper division credits for graduation).

To pick up an application, either stop by photo checkout, or download one at this location (PDF link).

Some of you have already filled out applications earlier this year, and I still have those on file, but feel free to stop by and reaffirm your interest, and to provide an up-to-date(ish) schedule for next semester to indicate your approximate availability. If you have any questions, please stop by photo checkout and ask me about the positions.

Also, don't forget to move out of your lockers for the summer. If a graduating senior has indicated that you can have their locker when they leave, make him or her come to checkout with you and tell me about it! To date, no one has made a "bequeathal" of a locker yet, so if you are expecting to inherit a choice location, make sure the arrangement is formalized and documented by photo checkout!


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